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VW R Wheel Badges (Set of 4)

  • VW R Wheel Badges (Set of 4)

VW R Wheel Badges (Set of 4)

Product Code: VW R Wheel Badges (Set of 4)
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Set of 4 domed wheel centre badges by Demon Graphics.

1) Select your design.
2) Choose your background and foreground colours.
3) Let us know your size.

How are these wheel centre badges fitted? 
Our wheel centre badges are self adhesive and once peeled from the backing paper will stick right onto any clean smooth flat surface. 

How do you know the size of the Wheel Centre Badge I need? 
That's easy, you tell us. You simply measure your existing wheel centre badge and tell us the diameter you require from the drop down menu when ordering. The dimension we will need is the diameter.

OK, I love them. How do I order and how long will I wait? 
Again easy, you can place the order right here online. From placing your order, you should have these great wheel centre badges in around 3-5 days.


  • £24.99

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